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>> and thank you for joining us on this wednesday morning. we are tracking the amazing days. this is the biggest game of the year for them. will have a live report from the coliseum coming up. >> five people have been killed and oakland and we will talk about a tip system
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that the police have in place. >> in firefighters are battling a three alarm house fire. the fire is on the 29th block of bethany ave. let's go right out to the scene. it looks like firefighters are still there. >> in at this point james it is just a fire watch. the ceiling had did collapse and it calls had a lot of pockets with hot spots. let's show you some video that will show you parts of the house. there are a lot a trees so it is hard for you to see. this will show you how damaged the house is and that when firefighters arrived they saw a lot of
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smoke and a lot of fire on the back of the home. they were able to get end and no one was there all the occupants had escaped on their own. one was wheelchair bound and he was saved. they stated that the selling did collapse and that it was pretty challenging. basically this fire did not spread and they were finally able to contain at and as i stated before is just a fire watch right now. they are just waiting for it to become daylight so that they can come off and investigate. >> at 6:02 a.m. it will not
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be quite as warm as it was yesterday. good morning daria we will see some fog in the afternoon. it will be significantly cooler than what we saw yesterday. it is low sixties for oakland and 64 out the door for those of you in san carlo. looking at your weather temperatures range in the low '70's. we will also have some sprinkles and the forecast. i will let you know when you may need your umbrella. >> we are not tracking any hot spots. we are still about an 18 to 19 minute drive down walnut creek. the heaviest traffic is still on highway 4 at stock and go
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conditions in antioch. south bay freeway is still doing pretty well. >> in last game of the season and the oakland athletics are going for a huge win so they can win the american west. in front of 30,000 fans johnny jones hit a home run. they tied the rangers for first place in the american league west. they are sharing the division lead with the rangers and finally even the series. let's turn to our sole reporter jacki. >> good morning marc this was not supposed to happen this way. most people predicted the oakland a's will lose almost a hundred games this season. if they have one of the lowest
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payrolls and though whole baseball league. there were 13 games behind the raiders and then they started to turn it around. that play for the american league west championship today if this is game 1. they are at a flat footed tie with the. last night they did it again and they won their fifth game in a row. they are 93 and 681 of the best records in baseball. it was unbelievable. they expect huge crowds and if they win today they win the american league west. they're already in the playoffs and this story continues that if they win today that will get a few days off and they will be guaranteed at least one home game. the last thing
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you want to do was go on this wild card game is to win one game and go into the playoffs. they have really been the talk of the baseball season. they have had a bit of a competition. we would check back with you. the last time they bring in the first place before to that was march 29th the beginning of the season against the mariners. game time is at 12:35 p.m. and their first postseason game may come on friday against baltimore at home or at baltimore. if they win today rep of the division the first dame will be saturday at detroit. a lot is still undecided but a lot
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of people are rooting for the oakland a's. >> at 6:06 a.m. the violence continues to escalate in oakland. a man was shot and killed yesterday afternoon and it marked the fifth murder within 24 hours. on the 57th avenue area where a another man was killed there take a look at what they can do. there stating that this homicide is not related to the four other murders. kron4 has learned more about one of the victims and that he was 23 years old robert he also served as a mentor for use. kron4 will have a live report on this s 6:30 a.m.. >> here is a live look at walnut creek. this gives you a good look at the traffic on 680 and would otherwise it will be warm but not
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teachin >> that s&p 500 was up one.
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mortgage applications are slowing. but this is mostly due to people refinancing. a dp is showing a big pickup for hiring in the month of september. more importantly the september jobless report shows that the u.s. unemployment rate is at 8.1%. we will see if this will have a major impact on the presidential debate. teaching there is a new apple products getting a lot of us. apple may be releasing a new ipad. they are stating that there will be a smaller version of the ipad that may go on november 10th. it will have about 8 in. screen and the smaller ipad may hit to the
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stores during holiday season. apple has no comment about the ipad. apple never has a comment. >> the first debate will be taking place tonight at the university of denver. both cannabis will apparently be very even with their debate skills. we will air this live on our channel comcast 193. 6:00 p.m. tonight.
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vo: for years, sacramento politicians have chopped away funds for our schools.
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today, we're forty-seventh out of fifty in per-pupil funding. now these politicians say unless we send more tax dollars to sacramento,
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they'll cut education again. here's a new approach. prop thirty-eight sends billions in new education dollars straight to our local schools, and guarantees the politicians can't touch it. thirty-eight will restore the education cuts from sacramento. so remember this number. thirty-eight. >> we are back it is 6:15 a.m.. if you see a craft going across it is unjust practice for the military. this is just to kick off the weekend festivities. in case we have a major earthquake or catastrophe this will take place. >> bellwether channel will
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start to name the winter storms the same as they do for hurricanes. if this may be like watch out chuck. this will make the public more aware of what is coming. naming the winter storms will help. this is what they do in europe. this will start in 2013. we will wait for this to start. hopefully when i get that far. let's turn our attention to local weather. teaching hate erica tice. >> it will not amount to much and it will be pretty spotty at best. as we take a
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look outside it is a very clear start for the morning. as you can see on our satellite radar in terms of temperatures is warm out at 71 degrees. it is 56 in vallejo can and 56 in vermont. by lunchtime it will be '70s and '80s. as we advance the clock in to the afternoon we will pick up some red. we did see nine days yesterday in san francisco. broken down the numbers for your neighborhood by neighborhood. it will be a pretty mild day. it will not be hot or toasty. the sunshine will be out so you may still need your sunscreen. 85 in los gatos
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and the inland spot will be about 90 degrees. up in the north bay will be pretty comfortable with low 80s and oakland will comment at 79 degrees. 68 degrees if you're heading to ocean beach. so thewill kick in this n and with that we can expect some fog. if this will take place around 3:00 p.m.. we do have the potential of more wet weather in the forecast. if you are heading out this weekend to watch the blue angels coverage. it looks like it will be fog in the early morning hours. some sunshine may be in the afternoon. >> it will be cooler
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conditions for tomorrow and by the weekend it may be some rain fall. the rain changes increase as we head into next week. >> there is already a backup at the metering lights. right now we are looking at a 14 minute drive time coming out of the macarthur maze. it is still a pretty good drive time and it is about 11 to 12 minutes. your commute for the golden gate bridge and 1 01 south bond is still about 23 to 25 minutes. let's take a look at what is on on on the south bay freeway. they're starting to pick up a little bit of slowing. the drive time is
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now at 19 minutes. 85 and the west valley freeways still looks ok no delays here. darya >> a fire in oakland since four people some place else to live. they are going to have to stay at a hotel. about 1:00 p.m. at an apartment building. the firefighters were here to make sure that there were no more hot spot in the inside. this was a dangerous fire that had reached the added. here you can see them on the roof. >> palo alto police arrested a woman who is responsible for a number of deaths and the county. a man saw a woman going through his car and he called police and
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they arrived and arrested her. you can see her mug shot hear her name is abigail league. if they stated that she had credit cards and social security cards and a vehicle registration in her possession. she may have been involved in other break-ins and palo alto. >> we have the blue angels coming up and we do have the best seat in the house. the bessie the house is on kron 4. it will be right here on channel four on saturday october 6th at 3:00 p.m. >> everything else is expected to cause an increase in traffic this weekend. the police is stepping up and the ferry will triple. it will double its service in vallejo. we
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will see a longer trains and specialty event trains. >> and a live look at as we check our roof camera at san francisco. it will bear much cooler day today and yesterday. we will be right back. we stand for farmers owning the company; for them taking responsibility for the products they make; for them being in the right place at the right time for over 100 years making tillamook cheese from tillamook, oregon; for these farmers never wavering
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from their commitment to excellence. we stand for that.
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>> we have new details on the amtrak train that derailed. the trucker is stating that he cannot explain how he struck the train. 32 year-old man was driving and he ran into the train. medina's truck hit the train and engine at about 80 mi. per hour. >> and in national news we are hearing more about the national patrol authority. nicholas i v was responding to a sensor that was going off and the fbi is now
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working with law enforcement to investigate this incident. he joined the work force in 2000 a and here's the third agent to died this year. >> i the accused this man claims that he wears his beard for religious reasons but they are expecting him to shave his beard he is accused of opeopening fire that killed people. >> american airlines and its pilots union has delayed about the strike. it
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has 7000 pilots and of american parent company that filed for bankruptc gave american airline the right to throw out. >> if you were before last nigh today could be the day that a's are able to wrap up the division champion ship. we are taking live look at wall street and we are just three minutes away from the opening bell. i don't spend money
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on gasoline. i am probably going to the gas station about once a month. last time i was at a gas station was about...i would say... two months ago. i very rarely put gas in my chevy volt. i go to the gas station such a small amount that i forget how to put gas in my car. [ male announcer ] and it's not just these owners giving the volt high praise. volt received the j.d. power and associates appeal award two years in a row. ♪
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welcome back teachin
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>> welcome back. we have a sharp rise at applicants for mortgages. we will have more on the market with our financial analyst rob black. >> in firefighters are still working on a house fire in berkeley. they're still looking for additional hot spots. this home caught fire. as you mentioned there are on watch to make sure that a another fire does not break out around one of these hot spots. you can barely sleep the home because it is covered by a lot of fretrees. the
6:31 am
investigator has just arrived on the san he is now walking into the house to see what caused the fire in the first place. when fire fighters arrived they stated that all they saw was a lot of smoke and fire on the back part of the house. their main concern was to make sure that there were no occupants in the house. the chief of police is here to explain. >> we fond a lot of fire and smoke from the rear of the house when we first arrived. they also were working on the back awaiting the building and they were advised that to berkeley police officers that went into the house to rescue a woman who was confined to a wheelchair. now once they
6:32 am
knew the everyone was out of the house than they were able to go into attack mold. the ceiling collapsed at one point and then they had to go to a defense mold. from their fire engine latter there were able to contain the fire at one point they had to evacuate the home is a rock on the left and the right side of the house. there or able to contain and then put out the fire. there was some talk about propane tanks in the back of the house and that that could have caused the fire. the fire chief is stating that he does not know any information about that and they will not really know until the investigators do their investigation. hopefully the investigators will give us a reason to what caused the fire.
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>> let's head over to erica who was following the weather. >> a cool down is in store and we will not s the coastoasty conditions liketo thd into tonight the fault will come back. in the '60s and '70s as we head into tomorrow. if it will be much cooler tomorrow and it will be in the upper 70's. as we take a look out to what is in store for the we can. we do have a potential day with showers. >> as we start out now for the ride to the bay. the westbound commute on 880 is pushing the drive time to
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about 16 minutes. volume is building up on the east bay. heavy traffic is on 580 and highway 4. it is light to moderate on the south bay 101. >> a live look at the coliseum as that a's and the rangers play their 162nd game of the year to decide who wins the american west. pitcher travis blackly had a nice outing. blackly had five strikeouts. an insurance run put the a's up 3 to 1. the improbable,
6:35 am
amazing a's are now in first place since march 29th. there were 13 games june on june 30th >> and they are already guaranteed a playoff spot but they can clinch the wild card spot. >> in new this morning violence continues to escalate in oakland. a man that was shot yester day marked the fifth person that was killed within 24 hours. it >. >> yesterday morning is one where reported that two men were killed while they were sitting in their car o second
6:36 am
second. >> one of the victims' family members say that that the police do not make arrest when murders happened. kron4 wheel is live. >> a oakland police know that people know about the murders but the problem is that is hard to get people to talk because they do not want toecause out of fear. the system is called nix so and here is the web site. this web site is being used by lot of police agencies pretty much in every state. they send out alerts via text to let people know that there is a guy out there and that they are trying to catch him or her. the latest ripple as
6:37 am
far as oakland is concerned is that they can send tips anonymously through nicks and that they can talk to the person giving the tip and that they will not ask for that person's identity. so far in oakland if you include the five murders that just happen it is now 90 people that have been killed this year it was 81 people last year. >> the time now is 6:37 a.m. and we will be back in a few minutes. @p@po'
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>> decision 2012 is finally here. mitt romney and
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president obama will square way tonightonight at the debates. both of them are trying to keep their expectations low so they both can come out good. there stating that is not about winning. the debate will pressure the challenger. the debate will make both of them be accountable for their statements as far as the facts and details. mitt romney is the underdog and he should be ready for the issues. both candidates are aware that every response counts. you have to watch
6:42 am
the whole thing unfold on crime for news on comcast 193. we will have the whole debate on interrupted at 6:00 p.m. tonight. >> i we will talk we wiwith our political adviser.
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>> 6:45 a.m.. the firefighters are wrapping up a house fire that happened in bberkeley.
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>> a string of mur have the oakmurders have the oakland police investigating. >> a big win for the oakland a's who beat the rangers 3 to 1. travis blakely only allowed one run. they a's share with. the deciding game is today. >> watching wall street with rob black. i want to start with t mobil. they have a merger and what you need to walk away from the story is
6:47 am
that team mobil will be behind sprint's. sprint bought nextel a few years back. t mobil and at&t were going to merge but then that was shut down. this was a great mole by at&t to keep the competition down. a. gan team mobile. it is not a deal that i will chase. there are rumors that have started that this may overshadow the problems with iphone 5. any time you can take the focus off of apple and the apology and talk
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about the products. we have a pitcher all of kindle. we do have a pitcher of the i had that may come out. let's talk about a d p. this is the company that handles a lot of people's paychecks. this number can be very different, from the government. you hear ride on the road adp seems to be ok. at 4 and 4. a d p is problematic but it shows a slight improvement. it creates more accomplishments. we will see
6:49 am
if unemployment falls below 8%. it has been dropping but it is mostly because people have stopped looking for work. let's talk about beer. cheers sales are back up. can you get a degree there? there is probably the jobs there. but experts say that more americans are drinking craft beer. if you have no paycheck you cannot afford to be here so whether is smoking or drinking or gambling it may affect beer sales. i'm going to check out some beer sides to see
6:50 am
if they are hiring. >> we had really hot temperatures this week san but it changes finely and store. yesterdays was a toasty who won and we broke several records. it was a hundred and two degrees breaking a record was set back in 2001. let's check out san jose where it reached mid 90's. it has not been that high for quite some long. it is 57 in pleasanton and 62 in daly city. as we see where the numbers go as far as the afternoon by 12:00 p.m. lunch time we have to colors on the screen orange and yellow. it will be '70s for
6:51 am
the inland area. as we push the clock and to 3:00 p.m. we will see at lot read on this claim. the red is only reserved for livermore. morgan hill will be the same. who was still see the sun shine in pretty comfortable conditions. 85 for a loss gatos and plenty of sunshine and low 90s 4 pleasanton. for north bay area it will be 83 and downtown san francisco will be about 79 degrees and 68 for ocean beach. if you are going to today's game it will be a game changer. they
6:52 am
are facing the rangers and the first pitch is at 12:35 p.m.. this will be the perfect time to be out at the ball game. it will be sunny and warm and bring a tank top. they're calling for seven days from the bay and we do have the potential for wet weather. it is a 10 percent chance. the rain that we will see will be some spice tea at best. amid seven days. >> and the commute is still free of any hot spots and we do have some slow traffic in the easeast bay. 16 to 18
6:53 am
minutes. your ride to the san mateo bridge is likely to some construction delays later. so far the committee is moving pretty well about 12 minutes for your drive. let's take a look at your ride through the golden gate bridge it is fall got free and no delays. the slower traffic is in the east bay and the drive time is now 22 minutes from hercules to berkeley. the san maloney ballet will be getting heavier and westbound in a state 80. the south bay at 101 is the heaviest traffic. in marin
6:54 am
county the drive time is about six minutes and down to the golden gate bridge. >> do not forget the you can join george at the blue angel special this weekend. they will give demonstration flights over the skies. they will land. and practicing to malraux. they landed one by one as you can see here. there was a really fueling problem. they were arriving separately and tomorrow and friday they will be practicing and on saturday and sunday the big show will be live on kron 4. this will be from 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. on saturday and sunday. it
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